Chapter Fifty



The big day is over!  Oh how excited we all were!  We had all looked forward to this day for several months and were so happy that the time had finally passed and our guests were here.  The Fifers, Barbra-Jean and Jill all arrived on Friday afternoon and they immediately set up tables of Hitty!  Barbra-Jean brought over 50 Hittys from various makers to show the Hitty Club ladies and Bill Fifer had made a group of Hittys that were ready for adoption.  They all looked lovely in the dresses like the original Hitty wore in her portrait that  Pat had made for them.  I just knew it was going to be difficult for the club ladies to choose one.





Saturday was the BIG day and the Hitty Club ladies arrived early!   They could hardly wait to get to the table with all the Hittys!  Such oohing and aahing!   They each would pick up this one and that one and they did find it hard to decide which one to adopt.  The Hittys were very patient and I know they got their hopes up each time they were held.  Finally, each lady had made her choice!







While the ladies were choosing their Hittys, Eileen arrived with her Hittys.  Hitty Clarice had brought her Bleuette dog named Fripon with her and it got loose and headed into the toy room where Hitty Freckles, Hitty Elizabeth and I were trying to play Monopoly.   It liked Hitty Carol and wanted her to pet it. She made sure Esther saw how much she liked the dog. All week-end the other Hittys kept telling Esther how much they enjoyed their dogs and that we should have one.










There was  such  a flurry of gift giving!  I hardly know where to begin. All the adopted Hittys had their dresses removed temporarily and put on the undergarments Esther had made for them.  They were given white dotted Swiss pinafores, white crocheted pinafores, crocheted shawls, and each a different colored dress and fabric to make others. After the decisions were made as to which Hittys were going to new homes, they sat for an official picture.  I joined in since I too had been carved by Mr. Fifer.







Next Mr. Fifer gave a talk about how he makes Hittys explaining  the various joints etc.  Then lunch was served.    Again there was oohing and aahing about the food.  I heard them talking about the pretty print napkins that were really a piece of fabric with a dress pattern as the napkin ring!    All the ladies elected to use paper napkins and keep the fabric to actually make the dress.   During lunch Esther quizzed them with 12 questions from the Hitty book such as did they remember Captain Preble's first name etc. The group always has a project, this time was no different.  Personalized note cards with a Hitty design were passed out and each lady got to color hers.  They are really quite an artistic group! 







While everyone was eating lunch we Hittys gathered in our parlor to visit. This was new to the newly adopted Hittys. They were thrilled to join the Hitty community and were looking forward to when each would have her own name instead of a number.













The house was so quiet after everyone left and after a good rest we got all the presents together to take a closer look.  We wanted to try on everything!  I put on the crocheted pinafore made by Jackie  over my dress that Pat made, Hitty Carol modeled one of the shawls crocheted by Betty and HittyBelle modeled the green dress by JoAnn and the pinafore by Eileen.  Hittys do love to wear pretty clothes and we certainly are no exception!







We waited so long for this particular Hitty Club meeting that part of me is sad that it is over.  I truly love looking forward to events.  When Esther saw that we were sad she told us some good news. We may get a dog! She told us that we must decide what kind of dog and pick out a name.  Oh, I do hope she means for it to happen soon!  We want a dog so very much!


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