Chapter Fifty Seven



We were delighted this week with the return from Quilt Camp of Hitty Marie.  She just couldn't stop talking about all the fun she had had and about the other Hittys she had met, not to mention the skills she learned about making quilts.  After meeting the new Hittys she unpacked and had show and tell time.  Each of the Hittys attending received a beautiful appliqued quilt which we all admired.  She explained that the pieces of fabric she purchased on the camp's shopping trip were called 'peanuts.'   'Peanuts' are FQs cut in half.    If I have this correct, all the Hittys picked out FQs, then cut them in half so they could share.




Hitty Pat got so upset.  She couldn't find Tasha who is her almost constant companion but we told her not to worry, the dog was just hiding under the quilt!






Russell and Esther plan to leave early next week for their fall trip to visit family members and we are all going along.   Esther suggested that since it is October we could start our preparations for Halloween.  HittyBelle, Hitty Carol and Hitty Marie went into the kitchen to make candied apples to take along on the trip.  It looked to me like Hitty Marie was more comfortable watching than actually working. 









This will be the first Halloween for the new Hittys  and there was much explaining to do.  I told them how HittyBelle and I went  'trick or treating' one year and how each year about 100 costumed children come to the door as soon as it gets dark on the day of the holiday and the adults pass out candy.  I explained that we Hittys stay on a table near by and just watch and that sometimes one of the children will catch a glimpse of us and ask to come in to visit for a bit.  It all sounded like fun to them








Esther went into the closet and brought out a box containing our costumes and decorations.  Hitty Emily tried on one of the witches costumes while Hitty Beth would only put on a witches hat.  She was more interested in the items used to decorate.  HittyPat teased Tasha by holding up a toy black cat. At first Tasha thought it was a real cat and really barked!   This will be Tasha's first Halloween also.  I wonder how she will act when all those children come to the door.








Oh well, I must not concern myself with that at this time.  We are gathering our things together and getting ready to leave on our trip.   The Hitty Club ladies will meet after we return and we have a wonderful activity for the Hittys that will be coming with them but I will tell all about it in my next chapter. 


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