Chapter Sixty




One crisp afternoon after it had snowed the night before we thought we better remind Santa of all the things we told him when we visited him at the shopping mall.  I got out pen and paper and we made a long list. We hoped we weren't too late in mailing it.  Hitty Emily volunteered to take it to the special mailbox near our house so she put the leash on Tasha and off they went.

















When she returned she told us how beautiful the weather was and suggested we all go outdoors. Esther thought it was a good idea also as long as we stayed close by.  Hitty Marie offered to take HittyPat for a ride on the sled. This time Tasha ran out without her leash but we didn't scold her since she was staying very close to us.  She romped in the snow and for awhile it looked like she was going to get on the sled with HittyPat!









The rest of us decided to make a snowmen so Hitty Emily and Hitty Carol rolled some snow into two big balls.  I told them not to make them the same size as the head should be a bit smaller.  They wanted to know just how big a snowmen should be.  We all decided there was no real correct size to a snowmen and we could make it any size we wanted.











After they rolled the snow into two big balls HittyBelle helped put one on top of the other and then they put eyes and buttons on it out of a package of little black balls they found in a drawer.  Hitty Beth found a black hat and I found a piece of plaid fabric to use as a scarf.  Hitty Carol had seen some carrots in the refrigerator and went back into the house to get one for the nose.  We had only seen pictures of snowmen in a book and so we  tried to make ours like the picture.











It wasn't  too long until we were finished!   Oh, we were so proud!    Hitty Marie and HittyPat returned to the group and hurried over to look at our efforts.  Tasha barked at him!   This would have been the first time she had seen a snowman also.  HittyPat thought he looked awfully big and to a little girl I guess he did.  We all stood  for some time just admiring him.  Playing in the snow can really be fun! 





We look forward to Christmas and hope all the readers of this Journal have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 20006!



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