Chapter Seventy



At last the time had come for the Bavarian Event! It seemed like it would never arrive!  Esther kept telling us to be patient but I didn't see any patience being exhibited by her!   Russell  made all the arrangements for the plane tickets and rental car.  We were assured over and over again that we would not go in the checked luggage.  Esther reminded us that she has never let that happen and we should not worry.  Russell even offered to have Hittys in his carry on luggage!   We are all going!







The day after the Hitty Club meeting everything got underway.  First we all got inspected to make sure we had on the proper undergarments.  Then came the time to choose what each of us wanted to wear.  I think I tried on at least three dresses before deciding on one.








It was finally  decided that HittyBelle and Hitty Carol would wear the two  dirndl dresses that Esther had Eileen make just for this occasion.  It is the traditional dress in Bavaria, Germany and worn on festive occasions such as October Fest and the like.   All the rest of us got to choose whichever dress we wanted.  Such a fun afternoon!   Tasha got tired watching us and fell asleep on the one I chose!





Next Esther wrapped all the gifts she was taking.  At Hitty affairs there is always a lot of gift giving and she wanted to be prepared.  She had made a set of Art books to give to everyone and had Betty crochet sweaters for the table gifts.  I kept hoping there would still be room in the luggage for us!







When we were finally on the plane she took several of us out of her bag.  I must say, I wasn't too impressed.  I believe water and wafers were served.  It was a long day with a plane change in Phoenix, obtaining a rental car and at last arriving in Leavenworth.  They met Margie and Len at a local restaurant and we Hittys got out of the bag to say hello to Margie.   I think she hugged each and everyone of us. 












Our room at the Enzian Inn was most comfortable with German style bedding but we were overwhelmed with the breakfast room where a full continental breakfast was served.  The room was on the top floor with windows on three sides making the view of the mountains a spectacular sight.  Twice each morning a man named Bob climbed up on a narrow ledge and blew the alpen horn! Words just are not adequate to describe it!










We could hardly wait to walk down the main street and see the shops.  We were fascinated by the large pole that seemed to be the center of things and Esther explained that it was a May pole.  As we rested on a bench near by we could hear music playing.  Oh, it was all so festive!













On Thursday evening we met many of the guests attending the affair at a dessert social at the home of Margie and Len.  Oh, what fun!   All the Hittys were arranged in family groups on the dining room table and I could hear a chorus of oohing and aahing!    The centerpiece was a scene Margie had put together from the title page of the article "Hitty is Found."   I have to say, the cloth Hitty in that scene made us all gasp!    At first glance we all thought the original Hitty had joined us for the event.  I think this gave all the ladies an idea for putting together a scene just like it.  I know Esther felt that way!






Friday morning some of the ladies went shopping but we Hittys didn't go along. That evening they all had dinner at King Ludwig's restaurant that featured German style food and music.  In this town, the chicken dance is quite popular and the group delighted in watching Margie and Len dance the chicken dance!   After dinner the group went to an outdoor performance of "Sound of Music" that I understand was superb!








We knew that Saturday was the big day and indeed it was!  That morning several of the ladies brought their Hittys to the balcony sitting area and we had fun with each other. A group of us formed a musical group but I am not sure the sounds we made were appreciated.














When the music session was over some of us had tea.  Hortense certainly can impart a lot of knowledge on the subject.  She just had one fact after another!













The week-end's  main event was a wonderful banquet held in the same room as breakfast with the fabulous view of the mountains.  Everyone brought all their Hittys and we were displayed on various tables.  We were all fascinated with the display of Margie's Hittys.   I do believe she has at least one from every maker.  Then we were entertained by a dance group performing German folk dances. 







We Hittys  were anxiously awaiting the opening of the gifts since the food is not really our main interest.  Such excitement and again all the sounds of appreciation as each package was opened.   The evening concluded with the presentation of the souvenir and I must say, it was fabulous!   Two dolls, a boy and a girl, dressed in German attire and the girl was even wearing a chicken hat! The heads were carved by Janet Cordell with the bodies and clothing by Margie.  Len made the alpen horns for the boy.









Sunday morning was the time for saying  goodbye and taking one last picture to remember our trip.  Bidding one another goodbye wouldn't have been so sad but we realized we were a very long distance from home and just when we would get to meet again was not clear.










After staying another day and making drives through this beautiful mountain country we boarded the first of two planes home.  Esther had never seen the lights of Las Vegas and when they changed planes, they took a quick taxi ride the length of the Strip.  Exactly twenty-four hours after leaving that wonderful

Bavarian village we arrived home and a much needed rest.






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