Chapter Seventy Two



September is the  month we Hittys and Esther have waited for with great anticipation.  Four  events are scheduled that started  with the arrival of a visitor.  Our other plans include a trip to our friends in Connecticut, the Stockbridge  event and Hitty Club at the end of the month.  With so much to tell, I will separate it into two chapters.






Hitty TC Moxie arrived for a visit and to accompany us to the Hitty event in Stockbridge.  Her home is with the Bonsai Hittys in the state of Washington so you might guess, this was a long trip for her.  She was relieved to finally get out of the packing box.  We were all delighted to meet her and promised to make her visit worth such a long journey.




















After she got settled she asked to see a sign or sign post stating the name of our town.  She said that the name Zelienople was so unusual that she would like photo identification that she really was here.  We stopped at the sign as you enter town and explained that the two towns, Zelienople and Harmony, are separated by one street and that it is aptly named 'Division Street.'  Zelienople's   population is a bit over 4,000 and Harmony about 1200.  Both towns are just over 200 years old.


















Our next stop and last for the day was at the Community Park.   The Lions Club is very active in the town's  affairs and has placed two drinking fountains, one at the park and one on Main Street.  HittyBelle has always liked them so she demonstrated  how to get a drink.



















Later that evening several of us tried on the dress and apron she had brought as a gift. Moxie helped Hitty Emily fasten the apron.  We all agreed she looked quite fetching! 



















The next morning Moxie asked to see Twin Manor.  Recently her person had come across a 1989 copy of a magazine about miniatures that featured the front hallway on the cover. Moxie thought it a terrific idea to have her picture taken in that same hallway!
















I think she might have liked to see some other rooms but Esther reminded us that it was time to pack for  our trip.   Esther explained to Moxie that on this trip she was not going to travel in a box but with us in bags inside her tote bag.  This will be our first trip with the stiffer airline restrictions so I suppose we will just have to take it all in stride.  After all, Hittys are just harmless pieces of wood.  I wonder what we look like on the x-ray machine?





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