Chapter One Hundred Thirty Two




Esther wasn't planning on having a Halloween party this year but after seeing little HittyPat wear her costume all month, she didn't want to disappoint her.   We agreed we would be satisfied with a small family party in our craft room and set about gathering the necessary items.










Michael is not familiar with all the aspects of Halloween but he did understand the part where some things are scary.   That appealed to him so he brought out his spider and bug hoping we would have a reaction!

























We moved the bench and trunk to have more space.  Becassine supervised the setting of the table.  Candied apples, cake and cider are always a Halloween treat.
























We brought in our witch, skeleton and even our scarecrow.  I know he isn't exactly a Halloween decoration but I like him.   HittyBelle found the Trick or Treat bags  and I hope, even though we are having a party, we will still get to join in that event.






















HittyPat tried to explain all about a crystal ball to Puppy but I really don't think Puppy cared!  Actually I am not sure if HittyPat knows much about crystal balls herself.



























This is the first Halloween since Hitty Helen and Hitty Catherine became part of our family.  Everything was new and exciting to them.  When it was time to put on our costumes, they were front and center!    





















At last we were all decked out in our costumes!   We spent a happy time enjoying ourselves.  Parties are such fun.  Now we will look forward to Trick or Treat night. We usually stay near the door and when a few of the neighborhood children who know about us arrive, Esther invites them in to visit for a few minutes.  















After the party when Esther was writing this chapter, we asked if we could see the pictures of ourselves in costumes.  She sent them to our computer and now we have seen the pictures just like our readers!















We hope all Hittys have a fun filled Halloween!




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