Chapter Forty One


I am surprised!    Esther said she was going to take a class on the computer called an 'online' class and it was to make a doll!   She has never made a doll before and I know for certain that she is not a wood carver.  Of course, I assumed it be a wood doll since that is the only kind with which I am familiar.  Frankly I didn't think she needed another doll but when she got so excited about this adventure and the class was also being taken by several of her friends I thought I better be more tolerant of the whole thing.





Esther waited impatiently for the UPS man to bring the kit and when it did arrive she was thrilled.  Immediately she cleared off the workbench and said we could watch her unpack it.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered there was no wood at all!   There were body parts, a head, arms and legs.  I was relieved to see that at least she didn't have to carve a face!  I can imagine how that would have turned out.  My sisters and I examined the many pieces that even included coral beads.  Is this to be a Hitty? We all wear coral beads and I am under the impression that is a trademark of a Hitty so I  assumed that is what she planned on making. 







There was much anticipation for the first lesson to be posted.  The day finally arrived and Esther was up before dawn and printed two copies.  Millie came over and we watched the two of them read over every word and then carefully clean the molded pieces.  They both were so excited and it is just as I thought, the doll is be a Hitty.  I am not sure what name she will have but I heard Russell say it should include Esther's name since she is making it.  Esther said they really didn't need a name until it was certain the doll would become a reality since she wasn't at all certain of her doll making capabilities.






It did not take long for HittyBelle's  curiosity to get the best of her. Esther put the first coat of base paint on the molded parts and went upstairs.  She had told us to put on our aprons and told HittyBelle not to wear her long dress while she was at the workbench but she never really does exactly what she is told.  She changed her dress but didn't  put on the apron.  Hitty Carol and I told her not to open the paint but,  she was so curious and wanted to try painting.  She ruined her dress and spilled some paint.  I thought surely she would be in trouble but Esther just looked at her with a knowing smile.








Work continued to progress with  the two ladies exclaiming over every move!  They seemed to be nervous about each new step especially the painting of the face.  Esther thought the eyes were going to be a problem.  They really weren't, but then came the cheeks!   She did them over and over again and finally used a combination of advice from friends.  When the face was  finished she let us have a close look.  We think she is pretty and very much like us except her hair line is slightly different.   I still am concerned that I have not seen any wood.












Millie and Esther anxiously awaited the next section of the lesson which dealt with the making of the body. It is made of fabric.  Now I understand that there will be no wood at all. They both carefully cut out the patterns, sewed the fabric together and then it was time to attach them to the head, arm and leg pieces and stuff them with wool.  When this was finished we sat her in one of the rockers and introduced ourselves. I am sure we appear as strange to her as she does to us. It occurred to me that perhaps we should ask for DNA testing to see if this is really a Hitty but Esther said that this really wasn't necessary.  I do question, however, that this doll is a real Hitty.











She is now fully dressed. HittyBelle and Hitty Carol made her feel welcome by wearing their dresses made from the same fabric. She accompanied us to the Hitty Reunion and then on to the  miniature show in Philadelphia.  To my surprise we met several more just like her.  It seems many ladies took this same Gail Wilson class.  The dolls all looked so very much alike and everyone referred to them as Hittys. Perhaps I need to broaden my thinking.  Sigh!








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