Chapter One Hundred Six










After many delays with real life intervening, the kitchen remodeling for our growing family was finally finished.   Fixing breakfast was not as hectic and crowded as it has always been.   We were so anxious to put everything to use that we didn't notice Esther had not yet hung the curtain! 




















She installed the curtain just as Becassine was enjoying her coffee and Hitty Carol was making herself a cup of tea.   Becassine was pleased that it was just a ruffle across the top of the window as she had looked forward to being able to relax and watch the birds in the backyard and didn't want the entire window covered.













The remodeling project came about when Esther discovered that the main parts of the Muppet kitchen (chapter 28) were attached to the floor with screws and not glue.   This made it possible to take most of it apart and make additions.   The new additions are the floor, a chopping block, a wall with a window and a table and chair.  












We spent almost the entire day in the kitchen making various kinds of goodies.  By afternoon, we had made brownies, a pie and some little chocolate cookies.  Hitty Colleen and Hitty Carol couldn't make up their mind which to start eating first.























When all the dishes were cleared and everything was back in order, we made popcorn.   HittyPat and Hitty Bee were so excited and could hardly wait.   The Hittys filled three bowls and we all had one of our favorite treats.  It was a lovely way to end our day.








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