Chapter One Hundred Fifteen







Will Esther ever get tired of making little books?  I doubt it.  Her latest endeavor is making a little book picturing the outfits that we wear only on special occasions.   Of course, she needed our help so as soon as she finished her project, a pink dress I believe, we helped her clear the workbench.  It has the best lighting for photographing so it was used for all the different scenes.

















We gathered the various outfits from boxes, drawers and closets and hung some of them up to start getting the wrinkles out.  All the while we were wondering who would get to model which particular outfit.   We each have our favorites.























Parts of various outfits needed pressing as many had not been worn recently.   I remember the day Hitty Club went to visit the Harmony Museum a year or two ago in the town next to ours that was founded about 1805.  One of the ladies had made each of us a dress to represent the way the ladies of that era dressed. They were navy blue dresses with checkered aprons and white bonnets.


















One of the first  outfits to be photographed  was the dresses representing the book "Little Women".  It was winter time when we got them and I remember how toasty warm they were. At that time Hitty Colleen had yet to become a member of our family so this was the first she had seen them.   She really liked the one that Jo, the writer in the book,  wore and so chose that one.   I had always been the one to wear it but this time, I gave in to her wishes.













When this all started, I had no idea just how many times some of us would have to change clothes!   Choosing who got to wear the various outfits was the most fun.   Standing in front of the camera is easy for us to do except you should have heard Hitty Lara, Hitty Ann and Hitty Colleen complain about the geta sandals they had to wear for the picture of the Japanese kimonos.   As soon as the picture was taken, they took off the sandals.    Hitty Colleen is always anxious to see just how the picture looks and rushes to the printer after each take.   She was very pleased with how this one came out.















Well, we have worked for days and now the workbench and surrounding area are in a state of disarray.  There were quite a few clothes strewn around and Esther was shaking her head about the number of things.   I reminded her that it will be seven years this summer that the first Hitty came to live here and in a household where there are no children with needs,  Hittys can become quite spoiled and comfortable.   We are fortunate Hittys and are very thankful.  I think that is why Esther is offering the little book we are making free to those who would like a copy. 










Postscript:  The offer of the free book "Dressed for the Occasion" expired April 15, 2009.  It is available now for sale in Hitty's Book Shelf








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