Chapter One Hundred Thirty Seven






The month of January is passing slowly.  The holiday festivities are over, the weather is not conducive for going out and spring is too far away to even think about.   So we thought we would get busy on making valentines.  Hitty Colleen had been looking out the window watching it snow.  It made her cold just to watch so she made herself a cup of hot cocoa to take the chill off as we got out supplies.





















Trying to get all of us to agree what to make is sometimes a bit of a problem!  Some of us were interested in making valentines and others wanted to cut out paper dolls.



























We were engrossed in our various projects when Michael came into the room quite upset. He could not find any of his favorite toys!  I thought he had been playing with the sock monkey and hadn't missed him. Hmmm, I wondered about the whereabouts of Hitty Helen and Hitty Lara.  Were they up to mischief?


























Just about that time, I could hear a scolding from Becassine!  She had found the 'absent' sisters and the toys!  I do believe they were planning on hiding them in the trunk just to tease Michael.































All is well.  The toys have been returned and a few giggles have been exchanged between the pranksters and the victim!

















Such is life with a Hitty family!



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