Chapter One Hundred Fifty Nine



Winter is certainly upon us.   It was only 13 degrees this morning.   It is hard to remember we ever complained about the heat last summer!





Some of us have been spending a lot of time in front of the fireplace.   Hitty Carol was reading excerpts from the Hitty book and reminded us that January is the month of the original Hitty's birthday.  We usually celebrate the birthday of Hitty Club at this time also but this year, some members of the group are not available so they won't get together until February.  Weather permitting, of course.  

























It has been several years since we celebrated with just our family present. We made a cake and sent out for some treats and declared it a simple Happy Birthday party.




























HittyBelle made a crown out of foil and announced that she would act the part of our ancestor and blow out the single candle.  We had quite a discussion as to how many candles there would be on the cake and decided that close to 200 would be far too many so settled on a single one.  I  just can't imagine anyone being that old but when one is made of wood, it is possible.






















As we were having our celebration, the little ones were playing in the other room.   It was very quiet and then we heard  'Oh, oh' and wondered what now. They had in their possession a very shiny gadget!



























Hitty Colleen had spent most of the day trying to find her cell phone and now it was no longer lost.   Whether they had hidden it or accidentally found it we really didn't know but it was very sweetly returned to its owner.






















Life here is quiet and we have settled in for the winter.   Russell and Esther will go out to dinner for their 62nd wedding anniversary on the 22nd and I heard talk of their daughter coming to visit in a week or so but I suppose that too will depend on the weather.      Hmmm, I wonder if the new puppy she got at Christmas is house broken yet?











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