Chapter One Hundred Seventy


 A large segment of the country has been having a heat wave with sweltering temperatures and high humidity.  It is good thing we enjoyed the early part of the week as Zelienople is right in the middle of this heat wave.











The little ones had been enjoying the outdoors too.   Michael continued to tease Hitty Antonia about her red boots even though she has told him many times, that they are here to stay! Hitty Paige and HittyPat just ignore him.




























Meanwhile some of my sisters had taken Tasha for a walk.   Tasha is very good about staying in the yard but does enjoy a walk around the block now and then.
































Each of us enjoyed being outdoors that day.   Hitty Liza picked flowers and took them inside to put them in a vase.































It was a perfect day for playing in the sandbox except Hitty Paige got quite upset that HittyPat had put her doll in the wagon in the sand.  She said dolls were not sandbox toys! 






























It was a fun day and July marks the middle of the summer season. We Hittys and Esther are looking forward to our trip to the Texas Hitty Gathering in October and we can hardly wait.  Some of my sisters have never been to an event and they have been asking a million questions.  I have the most experience attending  these Hitty events so I was able not only to answer their questions but create some enthusiasm!  















In the meantime, we hope to get back to normal summer weather.   Next on the agenda is Hitty Club.   I just wish it was time to pack for Texas!










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