Chapter Two Hundred Nineteen






Hitty Carol had a crisis, and her unhappy state affected us all.  We were going into the library room when we heard her exclaim, "my corals are gone"!   Esther immediately checked the floor and sure enough, there were corals beads all around where she was standing.   She carefully gathered them up, had her family check all around with a very bright light but some of them refused to be found.   Normally this would not be very serious since we all wear corals and Esther keeps a supply but Hitty Carol's are a distinctive color used by her carver.  I must tell you it was a happy day when Jean Lotz replaced them and Hitty Carol became her usual happy self again.
















Ima was so pleased with her pinny depicting Pinocchio that she got out our puppet and started playing with it.   Michael was quite intrigued with the story about a wooden boy puppet that wanted to become a real live boy.

































He thought Pinocchio had a great idea and wondered just how this could be accomplished.   It didn't take long for him to change his mind when we explained that real live boys have to take baths.  He left in a hurry!

































As summer progresses we keep checking on how everything is growing.  Grandma Alice is very pleased with her herbs and hopes to plant an herb garden outdoors next year.






























We Hittys continue to enjoy having a grandma living with us.   She tells us stories about the good old days, reads books to us and bakes treats for us.   It was the end of one her busy days when she sat down to rest that Hitty Paige discovered her shoes and stockings were different.  She had never seen tie oxfords and rolled up stockings!   Esther explained such was just the way grandmas from her generation always dressed.



















Next week will soon be here and we have to decide which of us will accompany Esther and our Boston friends on their trip to Ohio and Kentucky.   Some of us have already been there but would love to go again.   Who will get to go, I just don' t know.  


We Robertson Hittys wish Hittygirls a very Happy Birthday on July 30th!








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