Chapter Two Hundred Twenty One






Again we Hittys are the subject of a jigsaw puzzle!  Esther loves putting puzzles together so she ordered another puzzle from the same company in Germany that made our previous one. (chapter #180)   This time she chose the picture on the cover of our  hardback "Dressed for the Occasion" book.   It is one of her favorite pictures.  Esther used the same format as before - 1,000 pieces with the same cover design. 




















We were so pleased, it only took one week for it to arrive which we thought was particularly good service.   Within minutes of the delivery, we had the box open and emptied the contents on the table.  As soon as all the pieces were turned over, Esther started putting the border together.     Hitty Carol and Hitty Colleen were delighted to find the pieces of themselves and insisted that Esther should start with them.





























Several days later Grandma Alice came over to the table to see what all the fuss had been about.   She thought the part of the puzzle with many colors was certainly not difficult but putting together the sky must not have been as easy.




























Like many projects that Esther gets involved with, she just would not stop working on the puzzle.  Every time she had a few minutes, she just had to find another piece or two.   Russell always knew where to find her.  After several days it was finished and I heard her say she was sorry it had come to an end.   I would not be surprised if she took it apart and started over!  Hitty Catherine hurriedly took a picture before that could happen!
















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