Chapter Two Hundred Thirty One




We have 'mischief' in our midst!  When Hitty Sue came to live here last November she seemed like such a sweet little thing and actually she is but there is another side of her.   HittyBelle has always been curious about everything and Hitty Colleen a bit head strong but this Hitty is just full of mischief and has enlisted Ima's help.










Esther has been working on a needlework project at her workbench and the other day when she returned to it after lunch, she found her embroidery floss all tangled!




































When they saw her coming these two little characters put on such sweet, innocent faces that she had to forgive them and send them on their way.

































The next morning  when she came downstairs she found Hitty Sue in the storage house attic!   Hitty Sue said she was just checking it out.































Each time Esther returned to the area there was more mischief.   This time the explanation was that they were sure someone had left something in a pocket and they were only trying to retrieve it.  A likely story indeed!

























Getting away with this kind of behavior did not last long.  One thing that is an absolute rule in this house is no one touches Esther's sewing machine! It is her favorite possession and off limits to all.  You can imagine her reaction to the scene in this picture!































Well Esther had finally reached her limit.   Guess who now gets a big time-out!  They spent the rest of the day with nothing within reach. Hitty Sue is the only one of us carved out of Alaskan yellow cedar. Could it be there is mischief in the wood?  
















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