Chapter Two Hundred Thirty Two





We have had a very busy and fun week-end.   It all started when we got ready to cheer for team USA for the Olympics.   Hitty Colleen prepared a sheet of paper to keep track of all our medals while Hitty Sue and Hitty Helen waved flags and chanted USA, USA,USA!



























Before long Hitty Moonbeam arrived to help celebrate Esther's birthday. My sisters offered her a flag  so she could join in the fun.





























Hitty Moonbeam and her mother stayed for the whole week-end and she told us that she loved to play the piano.  It was then that the Hittys decided to have a jam session.   I think that was what they called it.   All I know is that it sounded good even in the other rooms.



























At the end of the afternoon Hitty Moonbeam seemed rather tired so Grandma Alice offered her a snack and suggested she get some rest.























After several days everyone had returned home.   The house seemed so empty but now we had time to play with one of Esther's birthday presents.   She has been so interested in putting puzzles together lately that her son made her a puzzle in Hitty scale.  She was thrilled and so are we!















Esther let us take it into the library room and reminded us to be very careful of all the pieces.   We did our best yet Tasha still got hold of one piece, but we were able to retrieve it.




























We worked all afternoon and finally got it all together.   We understand that her son had cut it by hand with a jeweler's saw.   It is truly lovely and she and we Hittys will always treasure it.  Esther surely has had a delightful birthday.




















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