Chapter Two Hundred Thirty Three



It has been a very long ugly winter and we are all tired of it!  I keep wondering what happened to our usual January thaw?   What does sunshine look like?  Will there ever be balmy breezes again?   In a normal winter, when it snows, our street is salted and cleared within hours, but now most of the little towns  around here are out of salt.   The schools have had to be closed so many days that the children will still be attending classes until mid June to make up the required number of days.  











We finally had a day with dry roads.   It was still very cold but one can not stay in the house forever and Esther needed some things at the JoAnn Fabric  store.  A couple of my sisters bundled up in warm clothes and off they went with her.



















The first thing she did was talk to the manager to make sure it was permissible to take pictures.  The lady was very pleasant and said she didn't mind at all.   She was quite surprised at their small size when Esther took my sisters out of the travel bag.   Esther assured her that no customers would appear in any of the pictures, just the Hittys.

















First item on her list was thread.  She has started our spring sewing and told HittyBelle and Hitty Colleen  to help her look for #710.   We Hittys did not realize there were so many shades of each color.




























Next on the  list was snaps.  Several months ago Esther was at the same store and bought about 4 cards of snaps.   Evidently that is a bit unusual because the check-out lady asked her what was she making that required so many snaps.   She explained they were for doll clothes and I imagine that person thought she must make quite a few of them!  


















That was all the supplies she had on her list so they headed for the check-out counter but Hitty Sue wanted to see the Easter items. They browsed the various aisles containing many interesting things and my sisters were most impressed with the yellow chicks.   I think they had heard some talk about them on Hittygirls?






















When they got to the check-out counter, Hitty Sue helped the lady lay the items out and watched as she opened the cash drawer and packaged them.   This was her first trip to a store and she was so excited to tell the rest of us all about it when they returned home.

















Esther is now back to sewing and trying not to complain too much about the continued cold and nasty weather.   Oh I do hope spring comes soon!










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