Chapter Two Hundred Forty One



The neighborhood where we live has a traditional block picnic to celebrate the 4th of July.  This year, we Hittys decided to do the same.   We invited Gretchen and Gunther from the Bavarian Event to join us and some of the other Hittys that live in other parts of the house.   Oh what a festive time we had!









Everyone arrived by early afternoon.  The real people had a pig roast but since that is a bit beyond Hittys' capabilities,  Becassine and Grandma Alice prepared a feast suitable for us.
























It was delightful to greet everyone and catch up on all the happenings.  Gunther brought his accordion and we hoped he would play it for us later.






























Michael wanted to be the first to show everyone that we also had fireworks.  I do think fellows are much more interested in them than Hittys.   We like the beautiful displays at night much better.



























Before long the games began.   First we set up the croquet set and took turns playing.  I think Tasha barked each time someone hit a ball!






























Boys will be boys!!  No matter what the occasion,  there is always 'someone' who just can't





































The day progressed with visiting, games and delicious food.   After the group tired of croquet, we set up the ring toss game.   Some of us were better at getting the bean bag into the hole than others.   Hitty Pilar was really the most accurate.   I don't think she missed even once.





















Evening brought the anticipation of the fireworks display.   They can be seen quite well from our neighborhood and people gather at a particular place around the corner to watch.   We Hittys got there a bit early.   Patience is usually our virtue but not today.   Only stars were visible and we were quite impatient for the fireworks to start.





















Promptly at 10:00 full darkness arrived and we were treated to a glorious fireworks display.   It was well worth the wait!  This has been one of the best 4tth of July celebrations I can remember and I am thankful to live in such a wonderful country! I wonder, did our ancestor Hitty ever get to enjoy a 4tth of July celebration?  I sure hope she did.  Happy Birthday USA!!













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