Chapter Two Hundred Forty Two







When the 4th of July decorations were being taken down and put away, we noticed Becassine was just not her usual cheerful self.   She walked around distracted for days. 



























Then one afternoon, Hitty Catherine found her softly crying in her room.   After gently questioning her it was apparent Becassine was homesick.  Evidently our big 4th of July celebration made her think of Bastille Day in her country.  It is the French National Day and commemorates  the beginning of the French Revolution.  The date, July 14th was made an official holiday in 1880 and it is celebrated much like our July 4th.





















We put our heads together to come up with some ideas to make her feel better.  We borrowed the souvenir of the Eiffel Tower from the Robertson's son David and changed into our clothes  made from  the Becassine fabric.  Hitty Colleen and Hitty Sue asked her to come with us because we had a surprise for her.  

























We took her to where we had set up the Eiffel Tower and she was so pleased!  It was good to see her happy again.































Then Hitty Colleen took her over to the Miniature Art Gallery to see paintings by French artists.   Grandma Alice also went along.   Neither of them had ever been to the gallery and were ever so pleased to have a visit.  Becassine went from painting to painting, commenting on the various scenes.   All reminded her of home.   Grandma was delighted to see the painting she remembered reading about, "Impression Sunrise" as it was the painting naming the Impressionist movement.  Neither of them was anxious to leave!
















It was a long day but Becassine told us how much she appreciated our efforts to make her feel better.    She told us that this is the first time in the seven years she has lived with us that she has actually gotten homesick.   We went back to her room where she showed us her books about France and we enjoyed hearing stories of her country.  She enjoyed the reminiscing and we enjoyed hearing her stories.   Now we have our happy, cheerful Becassine back!















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