Chapter Two Hundred Forty Three









We started this day by learning to clean the bird's cage.   Becassine stood by giving us careful instructions.   The most important thing was not to let the bird out.   Mercy, if that happened, I just don't know how we would ever catch it!























We were intent with our task when we heard a knock on the door.  The mailman had a small package for us.   It wasn't a very big box and he wanted to be sure it didn't get pushed to the bottom of the mailbox where we would not see it.   We hurried in to the library room and quickly tore off the wrapping.  Inside was another box!

























Esther reminded us to open it  carefully as the item might be breakable.   I suspect she knew what was in the box.   We gently took it out of the mesh sleeve and laid it on the table.   It was a kaleidoscope!  One our size that actually worked!

It had been sent to us as a gift from Hitty Jean when she visited Cape Cod.

























We were so thrilled with it and were anxious to look through it.   Ima got to look first and she kept exclaiming with every turn!   We wanted her to hurry up so the rest of us could look too. 





















Each turn of a kaleidoscope brings a different view such as in this picture.

















After each of us had a  turn, we took it to show Grandma Alice.   She said she had not seen one in all the years she lived in Scotland.  She had one when she was a child growing up here in the US and was delighted to see one again.  Kaleidoscopes have been around for many years and we are so pleased to have one of our own.

















Hitty Jean, we thank you for the lovely gift and thinking of us on your vacation.









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