Chapter Two Hundred Forty Nine           





The main subject of conversation these past few days is the weather.   I don't understand exactly what is happening but apparently a very wide--spread cold front is moving across the country and bringing colder than normal temperatures for this time of year.  Some of my sisters have been watching the developments on TV.





















From time to time they asked Grandma Alice and Becassine to come into the TV room and explain exactly what was happening.   Both assured them that this part of Pennsylvania was not to be in any critical situation.






























As the temperatures started dropping Grandma made hot chocolate and told us that was one way to chase away the cold.  































Hitty Catherine and Ima thought warming their hands in front of the fireplace was another effective way of not thinking about the cold.   Actually it truly isn't that cold but I suppose it is just the contrast from the 72 degree weather we had just 48 hours ago!




























Later in the day I went looking for Grandma Alice and found her just finishing ordering something using her iPhone.   She would not tell me what she ordered but only said we Hittys will love it.    All I remember was hearing the words 'Amazon' and that she was pleased with her 'deal'!  






















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