Chapter Two Hundred Fifty-Six





This past week-end there were many St. Patrick's

 Day celebrations.   The color green was everywhere so we Hittys dressed in green also.    All week long there had been talk of a big parade to be held Saturday  and Michael was so sure we were all going to go.   He didn't understand that the parade was to be in the big city and we were miles away.  He kept watching out the window and no matter how much  explaining could not keep him from expecting the parade to come right down our street.























We decided to have our own celebration so some us of us gathered to sing.   Hitty Colleen taught us the words to  "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and Hitty Catherine played  it on her keyboard.   She plays by ear and only has to hear a tune once to play a pretty good rendition of it.






























Michael was finally convinced that he would not miss a parade if he left the window.  He rummaged through his toy box and was satisfied when he found a green toy.





























We really knew it was a St. Patrick's Day celebration when we were called for lunch!   Becassine and Grandma Alice prepared quite a 'green' meal.   They even  put food coloring in the water!   We thought it was so much fun having our drink/tea look so festive.

























I am not aware that we Hittys or the Robertsons have any Irish background but after the ugly winter we have just come through, it is great to have a chance to celebrate something.   There are no signs yet of Spring weather,  flowers etc but we know it is just around the corner.  One of these days soon we will wake up to a beautiful Spring day!










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