Chapter Two Hundred Fifty Nine  








Life is always offering surprises, whether it happens in our family or in the neighborhood.  One morning the Hittys looked out in the backyard and there were chickens!! Oh my what a surprise!! 


































Michael was determined to catch one.   Becassine tried  also but to no avail.   Soon the chickens headed for their home next door.  Maybe they knew that was a safer place.


































Our area has been inundated with rain.   For days and days there were showers every few hours.  Grandma Alice and Becassine covered the new lawn furniture when they heard the first rumble of thunder. 


































Finally the sun came out and the sky turned a beautiful blue again.  I am not sure what kind of help HittyBelle offered but she put on her boots, took a bucket and went out to help put the yard back in order.   What a shame we could not have shared some of this water with our friends in California.
































Even with all the talk about the rain and chickens, our new little Teddie still gets a lot of attention.   We take turns playing with her.   I do so hope the lady who let Esther have her knows how much we love her and that she has a good home with us.

























As I close this chapter there is cause for celebration in the Robertson family.  This week another little baby girl joined the family.   Esther and Russell are very proud to now have seven great grandchildren








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