Chapter Two Hundred Sixty One













We Hittys are not used to having our area disturbed.  One day Esther announced that she was going to have the surrounding area painted and all our rooms would have to be moved.   Becassine did not take kindly to the project!






























She was not the only one concerned.   Hitty Colleen watched every stroke of the painter's brush.  I was glad when the project was finished and our things were back in place.

































We also have had visitors.   Every summer a couple of the Robertson's great- grandchildren spend some time visiting.   This year little Erin brought her electronic mouse and we found it quite interesting.  































The mouse was determined to get into the cheese despite HittyPat's efforts to control it.  It certainly had a mind of its own!






















Erin and the mouse spent several hours playing in and around us Hittys and our rooms.   That little mouse truly was fun to watch.  It would dart here and there and even squeak at times.   Becassine, Grandma Alice and I kept our eyes on it every minute to make sure it didn't get into trouble.
















When Hitty Sue and Ima took Teddie out in the backyard to play they were very careful.  All the Hittys are very protective of that little bear and Ima kept listening to make sure the mouse was not coming!

























The afternoon of play soon ended and we Hittys relaxed.   We love having children visit and find this current generation certainly has some unique toys.







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