Chapter Two Hundred Sixty Two            




Summertime is a great time for visits from family and friends.   This household gets their share and looks forward to each visit.   We Hittys get involved as much as we can.  This week's visitors were Hitty Moonbeam and some of her sisters.   We tease her about how quickly her family has grown.   She too was at first, going to be an 'only' Hitty!










This week's  weather brought some beautiful cool air and that always gives one more energy.   We decided that baking cookies would be a fun activity.   Grandma Alice and Becassine offered their help.   Ima and Eleanor volunteered to do the work.































The whole thing was a fun process.    Little HittyPat could hardly wait for the first cookies to come off the cookie sheet.  




































When all the cookies and even some brownies were baked, the kitchen was put back in order.  Ima and Eleanor then proudly shared their accomplishments with the group.






























Not all the Hittys were interested in baking.   Some of us entertained Hitty Phyllis with our paper dolls.   She had never seen them and had such a good time playing with them.
































We were sad to see them leave but the UPS man took care of that!  Esther had ordered a puzzle of the picture she had taken some time ago of us in the kitchen and it arrived just in time to fill the void.   Ima was quick to point  herself out as soon as the puzzle was opened!  Esther enjoys Hitty puzzles and she puts each one of them together time after time.  A lovely quiet way to rest between busy times.



















The summer will soon come to a close and children will return to school.   It has certainly gone quickly and we have enjoyed it.









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