Chapter Two Hundred Sixty Five











Her name is Hitty Kate.  We met her when we visited Judy Brown's shop.  She came home with us.  I think she is wondering what she has gotten herself into!  First she met our rather large family and then------Hitty Moonbeam and her sisters arrived!































Everywhere she turned there were family members.   They all were anxious to meet her and welcome her into the family.    It will probably be awhile before she can remember all our names.


































When she asked what I was writing, I told her that I write the journal of life in our family.   She offered to help but I said that was my favorite job. although it was sweet of her to offer. Maybe she will read all the former chapters.  It will be a good way to learn about the family she has just joined.
































Just before our visitors arrived, she went into the backyard and met the little ones.   They are always glad to meet a new Hitty.  Their hopes run high that 'this one' will be the one who likes playing with them. 
































She had not much time after meeting all of us before Hitty Moonbeam and her family arrived for a visit.   Hitty Colleen introduced her to them.  At this point I am sure poor Hitty Kate was a bit overwhelmed.  Little did she know that very soon she would also be meeting more Hittys since Hitty Club was scheduled for the same week!



















I was fortunate in being the first Hitty to arrive here - I got to meet future family members one at a time!  Much easier to handle.






Postscript:   Hitty Kate was created by Judy Brown -    See Chapter #264 for a visit to her shop.  







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