Chapter Two Hundred Sixty Six








Hitty Kate learns something new about our family every day.   This past week she heard that from time to time Esther makes a little book about our activities.  She questioned us as to what subjects are used. We explained that some events lend themselves to being made into a  book better  than others.  In fact, it had already been suggested to Esther that Hittys visiting Judy Brown's shop would make an excellent book!































Very soon the book was underway.  We took her over to the workbench to see just how they were made.   Even the first cutting of the pages overwhelmed her.



































Even more impressive is when some are finished and they start to stack up!




































When the first group of books was finished and she saw her picture she was so excited!  It was really no surprise that she was in this  book because our visit to Judy Brown's shop was when she became a member of our family.  It really was fun to let her enjoy the spotlight, but to tell the truth several of the rest of us pictured in the book were excited and delighted also. 





















The offer for the little book expired October 23, 2015.  











































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