Chapter Two Hundred Sixty Seven











Halloween is one of the Hittys' favorite holidays.  This year the most fun they had  watching the little  Hittys.  Grandma Alice, Becassine and I helped them into their costumes.  They were so excited!


































Hitty Colleen and Hitty Kate offered  to take them Trick-or-Treating because they were too little to go on their own.   They stayed only  on our block where the neighborhood really gets into Halloween! Almost every house is decorated and children are made  welcome  on Trick-or-Treat night.
































They went on both sides of the street to all the houses that had porch lights  turned on.  As soon as they returned home, off went parts of their costumes and the bags were emptied!   They had so much fun  checking out each treat.   We older Hittys were pleased also because it meant there were plenty of treats for us too.
































Grandma Alice and Becassine contributed to the festivities with a Halloween cake and punch which my sisters certainly enjoyed.


































When all the little ones had gone to bed and things  had settled down, I joined Grandma and Becassine in their room.  We had gotten quite tired after all the hubbub, so we enjoyed a quiet cup of tea and ate our cake in peace and quiet.   Even Tasha was worn out. 


























After Halloween is over, one always starts thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Time goes so quickly that those holidays will be upon us before we know it!   








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