Chapter Two Hundred Sixty Eight












Oh my, one never knows what will happen when there is a knock at the door.   This time there was a rush delivery as the contents were alive!  One look and there was quite a reaction - Becassine could not believe it. Ima and I took one look and left the scene. Our friends in Virginia had sent us pet mice!
































Some of my sisters were engrossed in a game of dominoes when Hitty Paige rushed in to say she had heard quite a commotion in the other room and thought they should investigate.


































Indeed they did check it out!  Michael was quite pleased to show them the newest addition. I am not sure just how closely he was listening to Grandma Alice explain that the new pets must stay in that cage.   When Hitty Carol heard that it was mice, she had elected to stay behind with Ima and me.


































The new little critters were moved into the play room with only HittyPat's approval.  Hitty Paige gave serious thought to moving her toys elsewhere.





































Michael is in 7th heaven!  He does not seem to mind at all that the new acquisition is not popular with his sisters.   I have said before,  boys are quite different from girls and these little mice reinforce that statement.

























So I guess we Hittys will learn to live with mice in the house.   Becassine and Grandma Alice have laid down very strict rules that they must always stay in the cage, that it must be kept clean and they must be fed.   I do wonder what those Brown Hittys had in mind when they sent them.  The next time I see Hitty Dallas, I will get a pretty good idea when I see the expression on her face.








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