Chapter Two Hundred Seventy Two


There is a lot of excitement going on in this Hitty household!  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.   One minute I am happy, the next jealous and the very next worried.   Hitty Helen is off to visit England and New Zealand!  I am happy for her but wish it was me and of course, will be worried about her being so far away until she is home again, safe and sound.





The visit came about when Esther saw a post on Hittygirls asking if any Hittys would like to visit Hitty Madge at Rose Cottage in England.   After inquiries about the trip were made she decided one of us could go.  Hitty Helen insisted she should be the obvious choice as she was the most experienced traveler.   She had traveled alone to Camp Piney Woods and had accompanied Carol and Bill on a long trip out West.
















All of us joined in getting her ready to go.   Grandma Alice made sure she had her passport.   That is necessary when one travels out of our country.






























Very typical as girls will be, we all got into the act of wondering what she should wear, etc.   We knew she should travel light as not to be a lot of burden to her hostess.   Ima made sure though that she did take a shawl to keep her warm.

































So after preparations were completed and goodbyes said, she was off to the post office to make the long trip.  We understand there will be two Hittys making the trip from the US and would you believe, they both are named Hitty Helen!
































I think Ima missed her the most.   She kept checking her iPad for emails.   We told her that Hitty Helen would not be sending emails while  enroute but she kept watching anyway.


































Several days after she left we went to Google to get  all the information we could about England and New Zealand.  It was so interesting to find a large number of  sites.   We kept wondering just how many of these the Hittys  would get to see.





























We had just looked at the pictures on the Rose Cottage blog of Hitty Helen Miller arriving from Missouri arriving.   Oh what a wonderful welcome she received!  We were still exclaiming over her visit when word came that our Hitty Helen had arrived safely! 






















We all breathed a sigh of relief and were pleased to see Esther with a big smile. Now we will await word of the Hittys adventures.  I am sure this will be the most exciting trip of a lifetime!


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