Chapter Two Hundred Seventy Nine









These long summer days are so pleasant and we are enjoying every one of them.   It was the perfect time to take  advantage of the good weather to fill the planter at the Music Academy with various kinds of flowers.




























None of us are really great gardeners but we do know that flowers need water.  Ima promised to come over to the Academy every day and make sure they had enough water.  






























This was also a good time to place one of our purchases from our trip to Sturbridge.   We loved hearing the story about it.   Years ago, when sailors were at sea for many months or sometimes years at a time they made lovely valentines for their wives and sweethearts back home.   They would paint tiny pictures and then frame them with the tiniest sea shells they could find.  This one even has a tall ship in the picture behind the loving couple. 























Hitty Carol is in charge at the Academy and this day, she enjoyed showing us just where she had placed our sailor's valentine.



























Meanwhile Michael discovered that the neighbors had a new chicken.   Oh what excitement!   He hurried to get Becassine to come look.   He was so excited and asked a lot of questions about its color.   Becassine explained that chickens come in a variety of colors, not just the black and white ones he had been used to seeing.  I think Michael finds anything that moves exciting.






















I close this chapter hoping all our readers are enjoying beautiful weather.  Oh it is so nice to be able to go outdoors without a coat or a sweater.




Postscript:   The sailorís valentine was made by Mary Grady O'Brian - others available at the 'Market Place' at "Art to Play With"






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