Chapter Two Hundred Eighty











The celebrations for the holiday are over and I do hope everything went well for all.   We spent some time at the cabin and enjoyed it.  As we were preparing to leave for home, Ima and Hitty Missy discovered a certain little boy had not followed the rules and lit a sparkler indoors!































Just as we expected, as soon as we arrived home, a stern lecture from Becassine ensued. and Michael was properly scolded for his behavior.   Safety is a number one rule around here!  Little boys donít always follow those rules.




































At lot of time is spent outdoors on these warm summer days.   Hittys truly enjoy nature.   Hitty Paige and HittyPat got very excited as they spotted a large butterfly!   They are used to seeing the small white butterflies but this one was such a large size and a beautiful blue color.   Of course, all efforts to catch did not meet with success!
































This week also had a visitor.   We had heard that there were  mini American Girl dolls  our size and now one came to visit us.   The Robertsons' great granddaughter brought mini Caroline Abbott to visit.  It was fun meeting a doll from another era. 




































She explained to the Hittys that American Girl dolls represent different parts of history and her story was that she had, lived in Sackett Harbor, NY, near Lake Ontario.  Her father was a shipbuilder and she dreamed of one day owning a ship of her own.  The Hittys told her that they too were dolls with a historic background. 





















All the Hittys and Caroline had a delightful visit.  It wasn't long before the dolls discovered that they could share each others' dresses and so a whole  afternoon of dress-up was the order of the day.   A fun time was had my all!







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