Chapter Two Hundred Eighty Three











One afternoon we were talking about the various holidays and how we always looked forward to them.  Grandma Alice wanted us to tell her about the holidays during the years before she came to live with us.  
































I got out my laptop and started looking at old chapters to show her pictures. We talked about the pictures and how some had been made into little books.  We then got the idea to make a little book about holidays showing a picture or two of each one.  Grandma thought this was an excellent idea.


































We spent several hours looking for pictures taken over the years.   Ima looked through some of the little books and I looked at all past holiday chapters.  Esther agreed that it was a good idea for a book and she would make us one.




































We made our selection of pictures and a little book was made.   Grandma Alice was thrilled!   We too were pleased and it was fun for us to reminisce.  Each picture brought back memories.


































The more we looked at the book, the more we liked it.  We decided it  would be nice to share.   Esther agreed and thought it would be a lovely little book to give as gifts to friends.   The idea that it would not be time sensitive and she could use it for different occasions pleased her.  So, she made a group of them and now dear readers, we will offer them to you also.



















Postscript:  The offer for the little book expired September 4, 2016.






















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