Chapter Two Hundred Eighty Four



It was Hitty Club day and it was wonderful.  Oh the excitement!   The theme for the day was taken from chapter two of the Hitty book where the original Hitty enjoyed the bounties of summer. Everyone was delighted to see each other again as it had been some time since they had been able to get together.  













The ladies arrived bringing treat after treat.  There were Eileen's sugar cookies in the shape and color of flowers, vegetables fresh from the garden, surprise coffee mugs, and boxes of items for lunch.  
































Soon it was lunch time and everyone marveled with delight as the table was set.   Piece by piece the theme unfolded.   Everyone was told to set one of her Hittys atop the jar of freshly made salsa.   Hitty Kate truly enjoyed the view.  What a menu - quiche, fresh tomatoes, homemade potato salad, raspberries, veggies for dipping and lemonade.   Before one bite was taken, Betty, who had planned the meeting,  read excerpts from chapter two of the book.  Very appropriate.



























Hitty Kate was impressed with the raspberries in a tiny little basket, the veggies for dipping and the ingredients of the jar of salsa, all made with items from Millie's garden.  Truly a bounty of goodies! 
































After lunch the ladies were shown how to make origami cups to hold mints or candies.   Each carefully made all the folds and were delighted with their finished little baskets.  Now the trick will be to see if they each can remember the steps taken.

































The day continued with a lot of catching up on activities, putting finishing touches on the gift dresses Jo had made for each of them. The day ended with each packing up their treasures in the bag with the same picture as the mugs of Hitty sitting among the flowers on it.  





















It was truly a wonderful day and we all knew that a great amount of work and planning had on gone into making it so.     Thank you ladies!   As always, we all look forward to meeting again.









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