Chapter Two Hundred Eighty Nine











The holidays have come and gone and the family is getting back to normal day to day living.   We Hittys put our rooms back in order and packed all the decorations away for another year.



































After all the chores were finished, some of us enjoyed one of the goodies that were left.   Sometimes even a simple glass of milk can be a treat!





































With the weather being cold, dark and dreary, life has just slowed down a bit.   Grandma Alice and Becassine have been spending  more time than usual in their rooms enjoying hot drinks.  Even Tasha is spending more time sleeping.   Maybe she is storing up energy for spring when she can be out running again.



































Esther has been nearby enjoying one of her favorite past times - a puzzle. We like having her near-by and are always interested in any puzzle with Hittys in it.   This particular one was a present from her daughter. It is of Hitty Moonbeam and Eleanor in their home. 

































It is also the time of year when a little books with a picture from each of the chapters in the past year is offered.   The books are finished and ready to go!































Postscript:      This offer expired January 14, 2017.


















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