Chapter Thirty


When HittyPat had been home awhile after her surgery we thought we should show her the new kitchen. She had missed the tour of Twin Manor but I don't think she would have understood most of it and she really was too small to see most of the pieces. Also, I wanted to make sure the kitchen was tidy and put a basket of flowers on the counter. HittyBelle swept the floor while HittyPat played at the sink. We knew she couldn't reach the counter top so Esther had made her a stepping stool. We are so pleased to have our little sister home again that we let her do almost anything!




Our kitchen is in the same room as Esther's workbench and as we looked over at the workbench we saw a mirror and asked about the project being made. She explained that for some time she had wanted to make us a cheval mirror for our use in the bedroom. She showed us the prototype and then we looked at the pieces that she was cutting to make up the mirror. I must say it was interesting, however, I did try to keep an eye on HittyPat when she was near the chopper. HittyBelle of course had to try to chop a piece of wood but really wasn't strong enough.





Later that same week our mirror was finished and placed in our bedroom. Oh, what fun!  Immediately, HittyBelle got out her beautiful navy blue silk gown that she hadn't even worn yet and tried it on in front of the mirror. HittyPat thought her sister looked beautiful! In fact, she really did.









I, on the other hand, decided to try on my bonnets. I had received several as birthday gifts but had not had the proper occasion to wear one so I opened the largest hat box first and tried on the bonnet that Mrs. Fifer had made. It is so becoming on me even if I do say so myself. HittyPat took the other little bonnet Mrs. Fifer had made from its box and wanted me to try it on also. I think she was fascinated with the feather! She loves soft things. She is always playing with her lion with its fur mane.








We like our mirror very much and I think it adds to our bedroom. Esther had told us when we moved in that we needed more furniture in that room and we are slowly getting things.  She said we still need a dresser to store out smaller things but that will come later.  Until then we will enjoy what we do have.


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