Chapter Forty Five



We have had a special treat this winter.  I mentioned in the last chapter that Hitty Elizabeth and her sister Hitty Sue from Connecticut have come for a visit.  We have been having so much fun even though it is very cold.  Usually in the winter we don't get much company and we certainly don't get to travel.  The other day it was snowing so hard we could not see across the street but we stood at the window watching.  The cars were getting covered and the sidewalks and streets were all white. 










We watched at the window all morning and then got cold.   Esther set our rockers on the hearth so we could warm ourselves in front of the fire. Watching the flames made us all sleepy.  Hitty Jane came over to look but she said she had other things to do and beside we were too sleepy to talk to her.  I don't know how long we sat there.













When Hitty Elizabeth arrived she had a little doll with her and we all wanted to hold it.  She finally did let us hold it and then we told Esther we wanted ones like it since Hitty Elizabeth said she had received it from her  at Christmas time.  After much pleading with Esther she took us over to her workbench and let us watch her make some dolls.  She was having such a good time making them that she made some extras to give to friends.  If I remember correctly Millie came over to help and is making some too.    She told us they were made using a Gail Wilson kit  When they were all finished she said we could each pick out one.  We were delighted!





Working on the dolls took Esther almost two weeks and her fingers got very sore because she did not use a thimble like her mother had taught her long ago.





Later in the week we got out some of our toys.  HittyBelle and HittyPat played with the Tinker Toys but I really don't  know what they were making.  Hitty Elizabeth finally put down her doll and got very interested in playing with the Pinocchio puppets with Hitty Carol.  I was so interested in reading my book about Peter Rabbit that I didn't notice that the puppy had found one of our little teddy bears.  He kept trying to give it to HittyPat but she didn't want it.  When we took it from him there was no damage.









A few days later HittyBelle, Hitty Carol and Hitty Elizabeth spent the entire day in the kitchen.  First they thought they would make cookies, then I heard them talk about making a pie.  Every time I went into the kitchen to look they seemed busy but not getting much done!  I think they just enjoyed being together.
















 This is the time of year that the Girl Scouts sell cookies and our scout Hittys wanted to help.  Hitty Elizabeth had brought her uniform with her so she and Hitty Carol got dressed and kept hoping the weather would get a bit warmer so they could go along and sell cookies with the local scouts.  They both looked so sweet in their uniforms. Sometimes I wish I had joined a Hitty scout troop but I have so many other interests that I just don't have the time.   














It is still very cold outside and I heard Esther and Russell say it went down to two below zero last night.  We Hittys were not aware of the cold.  We were warm and cozy in our nightclothes and told each other stories until almost morning!  Hitty Elizabeth and her sister will be going home soon.  We will surely miss them but we don't  want them to get homesick and I know their Gramma will be so happy to see them when they get home!  It has been a wonderful visit and I will look forward to them visiting with us again!





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