Chapter Fifty Two


We have been enjoying our new dog so very much! It rained for several days after Tasha arrived at our house but then one day the sun came out and we took her into the backyard to play.  Oh what fun!  Hitty Carol took a book along to read but I knew she was going to have much more fun playing with Tasha.






We took turns leading her around the yard.  She wanted to explore every corner.  HittyBelle was the most anxious to hold her leash but I thought I better do it.  Tasha was curious about everything, just like HittyBelle.  I wish our yard was fenced in so we could let her run and play.          














Over on the side of the yard there was a pile of dirt that was left from planting the summer flowers and had not yet been taken away.   I told my sisters we must keep Tasha from that area so she would not get dirty.  I know dogs like dirt piles and even bury their bones in them.  Well, I had hardly mentioned it when Tasha broke loose from the leash and headed right to that area!  We all went after her as quickly as we could and HittyPat sat right down in the dirt with Tasha.  Tasha buried her nose in the dirt and looked up at us with such a happy expression that we really couldn't get annoyed with her.  We were just thankful she hadn't run out of the yard and into the street.









When we brought Tasha back into the house she was quite dirty so Hitty Carol and HittyBelle took her downstairs and put her into the bath tub.  I was surprised she liked the bubbles and wanted to stay in the tub!   I am sure if Tasha had been a cat that would not have been the case.













After her bath, the girls dried her thoroughly.  We are still learning how to care for a dog and we didn't want her to catch cold even though it is summer.  Esther said that after we dried her real well with a towel Tasha  would shake the rest off and probably run around the house very fast.  That is what her dogs used to do.













You might say that after this experience she was just plum tuckered out!  She didn't even go up to the bed where she has been sleeping but just fell asleep in the middle of the parlor room.  We just watched quietly and   waited for her to wake up so we could play with her again. We are so happy that we finally have a dog.



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