Chapter Fifty Three



Lately there has been one event after another!  To start with  Esther has carved a Hitty!  Why, I simply don't know!  I thought we were already a perfectly happy family.  Poor HittyBelle, she told me how she had to spend days without clothes just laying on the workbench for Esther to use as reference since she was carved by Judy Brown and Esther was using one of her blanks.  Hittys are not very big, nevertheless, we do require some space not to mention a wardrobe.  Oh well, I have been through this before.  I did hear that Esther was taking her photo and letting her pick out a dress.   I wonder, will Tasha like her?  I suppose she will since she is a very friendly dog.







We finally got to meet her and her name is Hitty Hannah.  I do think she has a pretty name. The meeting went rather well and Tasha only barked at her for a short while.   She seemed very shy and held tight to HittyBelle's hand. Actually the first Hitty she would have seen would have been HittyBelle since she was on the workbench the whole time she was being carved.  We told her our names and how we had come to be Robertson Hittys. 







At the end of the week the Hitty Club met again and now all the ladies are going to carve a Hitty and of course, Esther is going to do another!  How many more will be carved and exactly what her intentions are remain to be seen. From my point of view the situation could very well get out of hand. 








Esther told us we were going to have visitors so  a few days after the Hitty Club meeting,  people and Hittys started arriving. We were delighted to see Eileen and our Hitty friends from Ohio again.  The new addition to their Hitty family is Hitty Iris. Hitty Alice from Arkansas was visiting the Ohio Hittys and came along to meet us.  Her mother has been reading my Journal to her and Esther has read the stories about her sister Ella and her dog Mini Al to us.













Millie  brought Hitty Flora over to meet the other Hittys and Esther told us that we were expecting another visitor.  So while we were waiting for her arrival some of the Hittys  decided to visit the miniature Art Gallery.  Hitty Carol and I accompanied them.












Soon our visitor arrived. Holly is from North Carolina and was visiting relatives here in Western Pennsylvania. I was so overwhelmed with so many visitors that I had trouble remembering the various Hittys'  names as I introduced Hitty Brook and Hitty Ani. I  showed them around our rooms and then  some of them joined the Hittys that had gone over to the play room. 












The Hittys found many things to interest them in the playroom.  The Hittys from Ohio had brought their dog with them and he and Tasha got along very well.  Entertaining Hittys is so much fun.  I suppose it is just the nature of being a Hitty that makes us want to visit with one another.









Esther showed the ladies the results of her latest carving and all were excited about the new Hitty.  I still have my reservations about just how many Esther needs and just what is going to happen.  I understand that most households that have Hittys do have quite a few.  Our visitors were certainly proof of that fact.    Perhaps her  interest in carving and creating new Hittys will only be a phase.  Time will tell.


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