Chapter Sixty Two




Saturday was Hitty Club Meeting day and we celebrated the original Hitty's birthday.  There was the usual excitement of getting to see our Hitty friends and everyone talking at once!  Hitty Clarissa, the club Travel Hitty, had spent the holidays with Betty and she gave a report with many pictures of her stay.  The family had gone to Florida and  spent many hours on the beach.  When I saw this picture, I was so glad she didn't have the same experience that the original Hitty had with the crow!












No birthday party is complete without a cake.  We gathered around ours to have our picture taken and Hitty Clarissa immediately took a taste of the icing!   Some of the younger Hittys followed suit.  I caught a glimpse of Hitty Carol pushing one of the others right into the cake!   She can be so mischievous at times!











At every Hitty Meeting the ladies work on a project and this time they made Hitty greeting cards.  Each lady seemed so pleased with her efforts that they just weren't sure if they could actually mail them to friends but keep them for themselves!   They stamped, colored, cut and taped all the pieces together and had so much fun.  After everyone left, we Hittys went over to the table to see what all the excitement had been about.  My sisters quickly picked up the colored pencils and wanted to make a card..  There was something  familiar about the Hitty on the card  and then I realized it was Betty's  Hitty And!   She had been used as the model for making the stamp.  Very clever indeed, a personalized stamp.











We took a closer look at the sea shell Hitty Clarissa had brought us from Florida.  Tasha thought it quite strange.  HittyBelle explained to HittyPat all she knew about sea shells and how they are all different.  HittyPat was amazed at how much bigger this one was than the tiny ones in our corner cupboards.  She tried to pick it up and could only do so with HittyBelle's help.














By mid afternoon of the following day, the sun was shining brightly which prompted Hitty Carol to go for a walk.  Tasha was anxious to accompany her.  She offered to mail any correspondence I had finished but I had spent the morning working on my Journal and instructing HittyPat in the use of the stereoscope so none was ready for mailing.











I had hoped to get a letter off to Hitty Emily who is visiting in California.  Esther showed us pictures that had been posted on the internet of her visit and she did indeed seem to be having a wonderful time.  I doubt that she misses us and I am certain she will have quite a tale to tell when she returns.  Perhaps a letter would only make her homesick.




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