Chapter Sixty Three





Such excitement!  The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to play in the Super Bowl and Russell and Esther are thrilled.  Esther said we could watch also!  She is quite a football fan and says that the football season is her favorite time of the year.  We looked at all the pictures in the newspaper with her. 














It seems the whole area has become almost fanatical with Steeler fever!   Everywhere you look someone is putting up house flags, banners and balloons.  People are wearing clothes with Steeler emblems and even the grocery store has food all colored in black and gold.  On one of our trips up town we saw a stand selling Steeler merchandise.  Hitty Belle and Hitty Carol looked at all the things for sale but said none of it was Hitty size. 













We were disappointed that nothing was small enough so Esther said she would make us some things.  One of the things she made was 'Terrible Towels' which is the item most fans take with them to the game and even people wave them at home when there is a really good play.  We were so pleased to get them and also a little helmet that we put over the fireplace.












We had just started to decorate the parlor when our visitor from New York arrived.  Hitty Nancy had come to visit.  She didn't  realize that this was Super Bowl week and was expecting only to attend the Hitty Club meeting.  Immediately we took her to the parlor and she watched as we placed the tiny Steeler figures made out of starfish on the bookcase.  I think she really was more interested in the books but being gracious she said she would join in the fun and watch the game with us.  












We told her the Hitty Club meeting would be the day before the game and she would get to meet a lot of Hittys.  She asked us to help her unpack the gifts she brought.  We were delighted to help!  One of the items she brought was a hat made by her owner for each of the Hittys!    When the Hittys came on Saturday the first thing they did was model their hats!











The day of the game finally arrived!  It seemed that it would never get here!   Esther put a table in front of the TV with chairs so we could have a good seat but still not block the view. We had our Terrible Towels and most of us just couldn't sit still.















We Hittys don't understand football but it was easy to know when to cheer.  Every time Russell and Esther cheered we did also!

"Here we go Steelers, here we go!" 















We could tell there were tense times during the game every time the Seahawks had the ball but it all turned out just wonderful!   One minute they were cheering and the next groaning.  Esther kept saying, "Pittsburgh is ahead, keep that clock moving."  Finally, the Steelers won  !!We were so happy  and hugged each other! 











It is the end of a what seems like a long week with all the anticipation and hype about the game and even we Hittys are tired.   Now we will look forward to our little world getting back to normal.


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