Chapter Sixty Four



Sometimes ideas happen at the strangest times!   Early one morning Esther explained to Russell why she hadn't slept during the night!  She had  been making a series of little art books and came up  with the idea that perhaps other Hittys that read my Journal would like to have one of those little books.  This lead to quite a discussion and planning. 



Realizing that all Hittys are not interested in art, she decided to make Chapter 29 about our visit to Twin Manor into a little book.  She explained that all the text couldn't be printed but certainly all the pictures and enough text to identify each one.  The big problem was what to use on the cover.  At this point she enlisted our help! 





We went though all the pictures in the chapter and decided to use the one of me standing  beside the Rhode Island card table in the upstairs front hallway. I was pleased HittyBelle and Hitty Carol made the decision.  I must say I approved.
















Laying out the little book in PowerPoint was the next step but Esther assured us that it really wasn't a problem.  She has used that program for many things.  There would be sheets of the inner pages, next the covers out of a more sturdy paper and finally, book jackets on a glossy paper.  We watched as each of the sheets came out of the printer. 








Sometime while the printer was going a phone call was made to Mille to enlist her help in cutting all the little pages, covers etc.  She readily agreed to help with the project and said she would come to help the next day.   There was then a discussion as to just how many should be made.  She and Esther thought maybe that should be decided by how long their fingers would hold out doing all that cutting. 







When all the printing was completed all the various pages were taken downstairs to the workbench.  Esther set up several of our chairs so we could watch and help wherever we could.  There really isn't  too much Hittys can do.  Using a people size scissors isn't something we are capable of handling.  It was interesting though to listen to all the conversation.  I do believe I saw Band-Aids being applied to fingers!











Each page was folded and glued and then put in order. When each little book was finished it was put under huge heavy books to press it together. These were left overnight.  When the first group was pressed we Hittys could then be of some help.  We stacked them in groups and packed them in a box.  Tasha of course, had to sit in the box but as the box got full, she didn't like being squeezed so she hopped out.




The little books were first given to the Hitty Club ladies and they loved them.  Next Esther sent one off to a Hitty friend.   She was pleased that the friend had such a positive reaction!




A  number of books are now finished and we Robertson Hittys would like to offer them to those reading this Journal as a gift.






 Post Script


The offer expired March 30, 2006 and I am pleased to say that over 100 people received books!   Opening the mail was such fun!  It was interesting to see just where the readers of this journal live.  My Hittys and I want to thank all for the many kindnesses sent our way!   Perhaps one of these days we will do it again!


Esther Robertson





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