Chapter Eighty Seven



I don't remember the first time I heard about going to Guthrie, Oklahoma for a Hitty function but I think it wasn't too long after we returned home from the Bavarian Event last summer.  We had just come from beautiful scenic mountains and I could tell from the conversation that the terrain was going to be quite different.  Esther showed us a picture of a 'Wanted Poster' and it was Hitty that was wanted!  This poster only meant that the folks in Guthrie wanted Hitty to come visit, thank goodness! 




Now that we are finally preparing to make the trip we are excited.  Of course, we all want to go but I don't  think Esther is going to take the little ones.   They are disappointed but we told them we would bring them a treat. 












First thing we had to do was decide what to wear and then Becassine helped us with the laundry. She says taking care of all of us can be a handful. 
























This event is to be in the Wild West so we tried on our American Indian style dresses and Esther assured us that we would need them for at least one of the events.  All this excitement was new to Hitty Lara but she soon joined in all the fun of preparation.  We explained that looking forward to an event was half the fun.   As it gets closer though I know Esther is ready for the fun of actually being there.   Visiting with the people is what she is looking forward to the most.















For several weeks Esther has worked on making things to take and we tried to help her wrap them.   Hittys really aren't  much help but we found it interesting to watch.   Since she needs to take things like scissors, glue and other craft supplies that the airlines frown upon, she will be mailing them ahead to one of the hostesses. 





















When all decisions had been made we rounded up our luggage and Russell checked to make sure the airline tickets were still in order.  They changed the flight numbers and times a bit but he thought we should be just fine.  We plan on meeting our friends from the Boston area in Chicago and flying to Oklahoma on the same plane. 























We are almost ready and need only to wait until the day of departure.    At  the end of all the activity of getting ready,  poor Becassine was worn out!    Even reminding her about how this will be a great adventure didn't  make her feet stop hurting!  

















 We had to get everything completed a bit early since Russell and Esther plan to leave to spend some time visiting their family.   Hmmm, I wonder if we get to go along.







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