Chapter Eighty Nine



We arrived home from Guthrie at almost 2:00 am Tuesday, the 16th.   We immediately had to unpack, prepare for house guests and finish the souvenir book  It was so hectic it felt like we were 'under new management!'






We arrived at the Pittsburgh airport at 6:30  am on the morning of October 10th  and caught the plane to Chicago.   All went smoothly, we met our friends, Martha and Enid from Boston in that huge airport for the flight to Oklahoma City.  From there we had a rental car and using a GPS  arrived in Guthrie without any problems.





















We were the first of the attendees to register at the Pollard Inn.   It used to be a bank and the lady at the desk pointed  out the bullet holes in the ceiling from a robbery that happened in the distant past.

























The first big event of the week-end was a social at Wizzy's  house in Oklahoma City on Thursday evening.   We visited Dithering Heights and Mrs. Sag and then moved to another room and met Ellen and Pink from Oregon in person!  So many of the Hittys wanted to make their acquaintance and they were gracious about the interruptions in their game of hopscotch.























On Friday afternoon we went on a trolley ride for an hour around the town.  Guthrie  was the first capitol of Oklahoma and had come into being the day of the land rush in 1889.  It was very interesting to hear the history of the town explained and see the different styles of architecture of the buildings.  This is a picture of Hitty Jenny, one of our Boston friends as she found a seat on the trolley with a good view.























Friday evening was the first of the two banquets.   It was held at the Victorian Tea Room and one of the highlights of the evening was we all got to have our picture taken with an actual pulley from the real ship, the Hester!  The pulley belonged to one of the lady's  grandmother who had acquired it just before the Hester was dismantled.  We remembered that the Hester was the  ship that rescued the original  Hitty and the Preble family. The Hittys pictured are from Dallas.



















Saturday was a busy day as people gathered in a large room at the hotel to work on kits  that were in their goody bag and shop from a variety of things that were made by the attendees to sell.  There were several carvers, TC and Janet at work, people gluing beads to the Native American dresses and others being taught how to knit.  HittyBelle chose this time to shop along the street of the miniature model of Guthrie representing earlier times.


























As is customary at these events, the big banquet was held on Saturday evening at a restaurant named Granny Had One.   Indeed a strange name but oh what a fun evening.   One could not ask for more. We all enjoyed the wonderful camaraderie of fellow Hitty friends, good food, many table gifts entertainment by  Cowboy Jim Garling and his guitar,  the helper drawings and the excitement when the event souvenir was presented.























Sunday was a day of saying goodbye to most and then we went for a  ride out of Guthrie.   Oklahoma is certainly flat and mile after mile looked much the same.  We were particularly interested seeing the red dirt and oil wells every few miles.  W e were so pleased to be able to see another part of our great country.






















Monday morning and time to leave came all too quickly.   We packed our suitcases and for a final  picture in Guthrie, took the covered wagon that had been the center piece on the table at the banquet to a little park with an appropriate setting.   Hitty Apple and Hitty Maris, our Boston friends,  climbed aboard as Hitty Marie and HittyBelle stood along side.   We commented on how different travel is today as we drove to the airport to fly home.   We appreciated this modern mode of transportation knowing that a gathering of friends for a fun filled event such as this would not have been possible if the covered wagon was still in use. 









The Guthrie experience and all it entailed will be a fond memory for all who attended and we owe Wizzy and Holly a big THANK YOU!   I do hope there is another Hitty event in our future!






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