Chapter One Hundred Thirteen


For the past several weeks I have heard the number '100' quite a few times.   I think it has something to do with accomplishments in the coming year.   Some of the goals are quite daunting to say the least. 


It was suggested that I write 100 chapters in the coming year but the math on that was unbelievable!   That would be a  chapter every 3.5 days and that is way beyond my capabilities, let alone my experiences.   That was quickly ruled out!    


After much contemplation, Esther did come up with an item to make in a batch of 100  and to share at the same time.  The  recent chapter about playing in the basement with simple toys reminded many readers of some of the games and toys of their childhood.   It was suggested that Esther make one of her little books about games from the past.   Well, we haven't  done that exactly, but close to it.  





We gladly posed for pictures playing with our favorite toys and then  helped her make the books.   Our main role was to provide her with  company and keep track at the end of each day just how many more she would have to make to reach the 100 mark. 










When they were all finished and ready for packaging, we cheered!  Esther said that these will be available free by sending an SASE to her.   Her address is at the end of this chapter.  On previous offers she always set an ending date and there were more than 100 available but this time the offer will be over when the 100 books are gone.  






With that project finished we could turn our attention to getting ready for Hitty Club and visitors.   Little did we know what was to transpire!   On Friday morning when the visitors from the DC and Virginia were to arrive, the weather forecast was for a big snow storm to start that evening.  Esther called the travelers and told them to keep moving, no long stops as they needed to arrive before it all started.   Well, they arrived as the streets were getting covered.   All were relieved they were safe.


This took care of Friday but now, concern set in about the members of Hitty Club that were coming the next day.   Two from Ohio, one from New York and three  in the area.  Would they be able to come and if not, what then?   In January the club celebrates the original Hitty's birthday plus the birthday of the club.   This year marks four years!  Most of the time the group goes all out to prepare the food for the lunch but to recreate the very first meeting of the group, they always order sub sandwiches. This meant, there was no real food already prepared at the Robertsons, just cookies and a cake being delivered!  There was much laughing and joking about the situation and the consensus was, "Well, we will just eat cake!"






Saturday morning arrived and oh, what a sight!  We sat on the windowsill and watched as the snow got deeper and deeper.   By this time Hitty Club had been canceled and we were concerned whether anyone could even get to the Subway shop to get the sandwiches for those that were already here.  













In the meantime, Becassine and HittyPat prepared the cake for us Hittys.















Russell and Jordan-Claire braved the weather and headed for the sub shop.  We Hittys wanted some too so placed an order for some our size.  Since there were quite a few of us we needed a whole bag full!














When they arrived back home all the subs were unpacked, people size and Hitty size.














Hitty Carol and Hitty Lara made sure ours were placed on a platter to be served properly.  I think the adults just used paper plates.   Actually, paper plates were the 'order of the day' all week-end!











After lunch we coaxed the adults into taking us  outside to play in the snow.   It looked so inviting.   We tried sledding but the snow was too deep for us to get very far.















Soon we heard a very loud noise and a man came up the sidewalk with a big snow blower and cleared the sidewalk.    We stayed and watched for a short time but the sidewalk was being covered with snow so quickly we knew we wouldn't be able to stay out much longer.










The rest of Saturday was taken up with  those that were here and snowed in with us enjoying each others' company and working on crafts they had with them.    Esther, Becca, Judy and JC all kept busy.    Sunday morning dawned clear and as the streets got plowed in various areas, the local Hitty Club members came over to visit.  Jo had arrived from Ohio on Friday so she got to come too but Eileen and Debbie were sadly missed.   Some of the ladies stopped and took a picture for us to see of the snow sculpture in the park.  It was characters from 'Where the Wild Things Are' and was very impressive.  



All in all in was a GREAT week-end!


ALL THE LITTLE BOOKS HAVE BEEN SPOKEN FOR.  Offer, no longer valid.   All requests received through Monday, January 19th will be honored.




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