Chapter One Hundred Twenty-One









Today started as an ordinary day.   While Becassine dusted, Hitty Lara put away the toys the little ones had left in the parlor.   Everything was quiet and peaceful.






















All the housework had been finished when there was heard such a squeal out of  HittyBelle and Hitty Lara!   Becassine came running into the parlor to find the two girls standing on chairs and terrified at seeing a tiny little mouse right in front of the fireplace! It was such a tiny little thing. We couldn't imagine how it had gotten into our parlor!













(The tiny little mouse, near center front of the  fireplace.)














In a few minutes some of the rest of us arrived  in the parlor, but by this time the mouse had scampered away.   Michael, typical boy, was determined to find just where it had gotten into our parlor.    He crawled into the fireplace, thank goodness it was warm weather and no fire had been lit there for some time.  He came out with a dirty face and hands and declared he had seen a tiny hole near the back.   He was sure this was where the mouse had made its entry.   Becassine sent him to wash his hands and face immediately!














Upon his return he brought a mousetrap which he declared would take care of the problem.   This mousetrap was quite different than the ones bought at the local hardware store.    I recognized it as one made in the Hepplewhite style and was only common in large 18th century houses. I suspected he had borrowed it from Twin Manor.
















Now that the mouse was no longer to be seen, we all calmed down.   In fact, it rather intrigued us as we sat around hoping it would appear again.   This time of course, we were sure it would go into the trap to get the cheese, the little door would slam shut and we all would be completely safe!   After all, didn't our ancestor Hitty become quite friendly with these little creatures?






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