Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Two








We like to keep up-to-date with the happenings in the world of Hitty so we too are reading the book "The Borrowers" as are the members of Hittygirls.   I started the reading and then several others took their turn  reading a chapter.   













For us, trying to imagine someone so tiny wasn't too difficult since we know we are quite small.   We began to wonder, are Borrowers the same size as are we?




We read about Homily, Pod and Arrietty and their home beneath the floor.  We looked at all the pictures in the book and were amazed the use they made of simple things we take for granted.   A safety pin became a gate! What an imagination! 








As we read and came to understand the names of the various families, our curiosity was aroused.   What if there were Borrowers living under our rooms? The first name that came to mind was the Overmantels.  Quickly, HittyBelle and Hitty Lara checked our mantel!  No sign of any hole. 























Next came the name Harpsichords.  We don't have a harpsichord but we do have a gramophone so Hitty Colleen and Hitty Carol thought they would search all around it in case the Borrowers liked musical instruments.   I explained that was not the case, they were interested in places that would conceal a tiny hole.  I reminded them that the Borrower family we were reading about was named the Clocks and that was because the entrance to their home was a hole under the tall case clock.














Oh, the Borrowers loved books so on to the bookcase next!  Our books are Hitty size and we wondered if any of ours were missing.
























We searched all our rooms, hoping to find a tiny hole somewhere.  Just recently we found a hole that a tiny mouse had used to get into  our parlor so we knew it was possible that Borrowers  could also find a hole.    After searching everywhere we didn't find any holes but  found a few cracks here and there and wondered, could they actually be entrances to homes of Borrowers? We will start paying closer attention to see if any little things are missing.










We continued reading and became concerned that Arrietty was going to be in serious trouble having become friends with the boy.   We have 'human beans' as friends too and as she found out, they can be truly helpful.  Oh my, I guess I shouldn't say any more as others haven't gotten that far into the book! 













Much later that evening when all the others had gone to bed, I continued to read but nodded off.  In my half awake state, I was not sure, did I or did I not see little people?

















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