Chapter One Hundred Twenty Seven








We have a new room! It is a  room where we can do crafts and have our own club meetings.   In the people house where we live, Esther can change the display room into a craft room in a few minutes and we wanted a room where we could do the same.   As soon as Esther finished sanding the floors Hitty Catherine checked to see if they were smooth enough to put on the finish.
















Esther was anxious to get the room put together in time for visitors this week.  On Saturday morning, it was finally ready and we started moving in our things.   I looked at all the empty wall space and my mind was whirling with ideas.  We had not been collecting pictures etc for such a room so Hitty Carol 'borrowed' a picture from one of the other rooms and Hitty March helped her hang it.



















HittyBelle and Hitty Catherine moved the trunk full of toys while Hitty Colleen insisted the sampler picture had not been hung straight! 























I am so glad we now have a place where we can paint without having to be so careful.  Hitty Jean told us that at her house, drawing and painting are a favorite pastime and she was pleased to know we also liked to paint.





























The other side of the room will be for sewing, spinning and crafts of that type.  Becassine will probably be the one to teach us these skills.






















We had heard that the next Hitty Club project was going to use embroidery floss so Hitty Lara found some in one of the baskets and thought she better have it out and ready.





















We spent the entire day moving things from place to place to make it all fit and see if we liked the way it looked.  We were grateful for the help of our visitors.  I know there is still some detail work to be done but at least the initial move has been made.  Now we will look forward to Hitty Club meet next week and more visitors.


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