Chapter One Hundred Forty Eight










The days of June are passing in a most pleasant way.  My sisters  are content and never seem to run out of ideas as to what to do.  Little Hitty Paige is settling in quite nicely.  

































Becassine and I thought we would spend some time working on our handwork outdoors.  We could enjoy the fresh air and keep an eye on the Hittys' activities at the same time.






























It wasn't very long until Hitty Colleen called her sisters together.   She had an idea, which is not unusual for her.   She suggested that they each get a doll and have a tea party in the playhouse.  All agreed!

























Michael overheard the Hittys planning the tea party and rushed to offer his little boy doll.   He was sure it would like to have tea too.



























The Hittys were in the playhouse for quite sometime and then Becassine noted that all was quiet.  We saw the Hittys leaving the playhouse and wondered why they were not carrying their dolls.

























Upon checking the playhouse, she found they had just walked out and left it very untidy! 

























You can be sure, the Hittys will hear about this!








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