Chapter One Hundred Sixty Two




Hittys love pets and the Robertson Hittys are no exception.    We already have two doggies living with us but I guess that was just not enough, especially with a little boy in the house.   Neighbor children have a pet rabbit which has held quite a fascination for Michael and he did remind us that this is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.


With better weather came three little bunnies along with assurances from a certain little boy that he would always be in charge of the caretaking.    It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.













He was showing the new arrivals to his sisters when HittyPat checked out the latch on the door and one got loose!






























Rabbits run very fast and it took all Hitty Paige and Michael's efforts to catch it.   Michael finally got it headed for the hutch and called for Hitty Paige to get the door open quickly!
































Hitty Colleen heard all the commotion and went to see what was happening.   She was assured that all three little critters were now safely back in their pen

































Soon others followed and HittyPat told them all about how this huge bunny had escaped.  She really had not meant to let it out; she had just wanted to pet it. 





























Hitty Catherine had her camera with her so she asked the little ones and Hitty Missy to pose for a picture.  






























Meanwhile Becassine had a treat for us in the house.   Our favorite dessert is pie and she called us to take a look at her latest creations.















  Hmmm, I wonder when Michael is going to introduce Tasha to the bunnies?








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